Sustainability enters the correct management of wastes generated by agriculture and agroindustrial systems. Based on knowledge and technologies, the management will ensure food, feed, and fiber production of recognized environmental value and decision making in environmental, social and economic dimensions.

The Brazilian Society of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management (Sbera) has a pleasure to invite you to the V International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - V SIGERA to be held in Foz do Iguaçu, Parana State, Brazil, from the 09th to the 11th May 20137. The V SIGERA will connect the reality of production with the environmental thematic contributing to sustainability of world agriculture. During the symposium will be presented and discussed the most relevant scientific topics involving wastes from agricultural, livestock and agroindustrial activities.

After almost a decade, the event is part of the agenda for researchers, students and professionals. It is the unique event on this topic in Latin America and one of the world largest that focuses on the management of agricultural and agroindustrial wastes.

Sigera will work scientific topics in an innovative format that involves short courses, thematic workshops, technical lectures and presentations of scientific papers. Participants will obtain knowledge and interaction with international scientific community, promoting their scientific updates and new partnerships.

With this symposium Sbera renews the pionerism and the systemic view of the interrelation of production and environment, contributing to the Nexus natural resources-food-nutrient, to the environmental safety of food and systems and to the well-being of societies.



  • Discuss the environmental issues of agriculture and agroindustry;

  • Provide and encourage searches and scientific discussions;

  • Promote partnerships among the participants;

  • Internalize the issue of waste management in supply chains;


Working Language

Papers can be presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Organizing Committee

President - Marcelo Bortoli

Scientific Directors
  • Julio Cesar P. Palhares
  • Caio Inácio de Teves - Agriculture
  • Valéria Reginatto Spiller - Agroindustry
  • Ariel A. Szogi - Livestock

Secretary - Marina Celant De Prá

Commercial Director - Ricardo L. R. Steinmetz

Treasurer - Andre Cestonaro do Amaral

Main Topics

  • - Waste and Wastewater treatment technologies
  • - Waste use as fertilizer
  • - Environmental Impacts of waste on air, soil, water and plant
  • - Waste to energy
  • - Waste management


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